Hiking At Mount Olympus, Home Of The Gods

In Greek mythology, Mt. Olympus was home to the Twelve Gods of the ancient world while at the same time it constituted the set-up for the most popular mythical stories. Nowadays, Mt Olympus, the tallest mountain in Greece, is a darling for climbing expeditions. Mt Olympus boasts of its astonishing nature, its popular slopes, its Christian monuments and its ancient and medieval sites. Climbing Mt Olympus requires no technical skills, expect the climb to the summit of Mytikas (2918m).Starting off at the Mýlli (Myloi) spot (400m.) you’ll be needing 5 hours to get to Prionia (1100m.). The international and well-maintained path of E4 will make your life easier with its signs and it will lead you through wooden bridges to cross the Enipeas gorge seven times. On the second half of the walk you’ll go past Agio Spileo to reach the Monastery of St. Dionysus 20 minutes later. After another 10 minutes, trace the path on your left and follow it to the waterfalls of Enipeas. The continuous ups and downs require stamina, but the sources, the ponds, the geological formations and the sheer slopes around you will be a fair reward.